preface: start with why.

preface: start with why.

my wife got real sick 3 months after we got married in 2006.

and now over 11 years later (loads of hospital visits, dozens of surgeries, and a couple of times of basically dying on me), she has found a treatment that has done a good job keeping her alive, called IVIg. unfortunately, her insurance company suddenly does not want to cover it anymore... because it's expensive. 

my friends want to crowdfund for us the money to help, but that just puts a bandage on the problem, especially if we cannot get that decision overturned. every time they ask what i am going to do, i joke that i am just going to have to become an internationally well known, best-selling author. this is about the most absurd answer to a seemingly unanswerable question.

well, i think it's time that i stop joking around about it.

to be clear, we have felt like i needed to share our story for a long time now; but i wasn't sure how or when. i believe in the power of story. as a pastor, it is what i spend a good percentage of my time talking about. so i hope that by sharing this story it makes a difference in other people's souls. i truly desire that God reveals truth through it. 

in reality though, i hope that He does the impossible through this. it would be great if this little online book project earns enough money off of this to provide for this expensive treatment to save my wife... this is why i am writing. but in a strange way, i know that sharing this will be good for me and probably save my life in the process.

i attended a talk by michael hyatt once, who has been an executive with publishing companies and helps authors on their craft and how to work towards getting published. his big theory was that you need to first build a platform upon which a publisher believes that your followers will buy a ton of books. the bigger your platform is, the less risk there is on losing money on a book project.

well, i don't have much of a platform to stand on. folks at my church might buy a few books. my mom might listen to an audio book, but only on cd. i've got this friend in minnesota who could be interested in a copy. so clearly, publishers won't be tripping all over themselves to offer giant cash advances to me. 

i am going to build this platform as i write. i hope as i post new chapters and stories on this website, that people will respond. maybe this will get shared on social media a lot. perhaps a local news crew will do a story on alisha, or maybe ellen or oprah. i don't know what the outcome is here. i feel like i am out of good options to provide for my wife. except, i am a pretty good dancer... i could work a few bachelorette parties and maybe get some decent income that way.

by the way, i can be sarcastic, which isn't always helpful. when i feel stuck, that is when the sarcasm comes out the most. this situation has caused me to feel stuck a lot over the years. recently though, i haven't felt that same feeling. i think the Lord has made it clear that He really wants me to share our story. if it doesn't generate any money, i believe that He will provide in a different way. i think it's a fact that suffering is a reality in our world and in every person's life, and if sharing our story can help anyone find hope in the midst of suffering... this will feel very successful.

i am appreciative of anyone who reads this and shares it on with others. i am truly praying that God uses this story in absurd ways. that is my number one goal. but if some publishing company chooses to give me that giant cash advance... i wouldn't be upset.

thanks for joining me in this.


chapter 1: living that virtuoso life.

chapter 1: living that virtuoso life.